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Working for Saaspiens means being a part of a team of Consultants and IT professionals that believe in mutual growth and making an impact on a business. Delivering on the promise of technology is a key driver to Saaspiens's success in helping hundreds of growing companies and large enterprises with subsidiary operations gain real insight into their business processes, implementing and supporting the right SAP solution to help them reach their goals. We have created an open environment designed to stimulate the flow of information. And we will achieve our goals by placing teams of intellectually- driven people in this environment. People like you. Join Saaspiens team and find yourself among Saaspiens Family. And we’ll give you the opportunities you want to make the most of your career and life.

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Mỵ Oanh
Khu đô thị Sala, Shophouse Saritown SH04-17, Số 47 đường B4, phường An Lợi Đông, Quận 2
20 - 99
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