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Thakral One is the Consulting, IT Solutions and Support Services arm of the Thakral Group of companies. Incorporated in 1997, Thakral One is headquartered in Singapore with presence in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, India, UAE, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei and Myanmar. However, through the geographical presence of the Thakral Group, Thakral One has access to additional countries and markets worldwide including China, Japan, and Europe.

Thakral One’s team of experienced consulting and technical professionals offer domain expertise and skills in IT infrastructure, enterprise applications and tools, risk and compliance consulting as well as reliable and longterm managed support Thakral One has served over clients through engagements across countries from to alone Today, Thakral One continues to invest in industry and domain specific capabilities to assist customers maximize their returns on their technology investments In each case, Thakral One strives to assemble a unique combination of technical and functional experts to address business challenges in the most cost effective way possible

Thakral One’s mission is to address the business and functional needs of organizations through the implementation of optimal and relevant IT solutions and services. Thakral One continually strive to ensure customers meet their objectives through the enablement and provision of People, Technology and Process solutions. Solutions and services are delivered by a combination of domain experts, business consultants and solution architects from our global resource base and strategic alliances.

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  13-15 triệu VNĐ
  7-11 triệu VNĐ
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tầng 18, tòa nhà ICON 4, 243A Đê La Thành, Đống Đa, Hà Nội
Hà Nội
20 - 99
100% vốn nước ngoài

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