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Công ty TNHH Sản xuất Sunluxe

Nhà tuyển dụng Công ty TNHH Sản xuất Sunluxe

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Đồng Nai
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 Giới thiệu: 

ovember th, : Sunluxe Manufacturing Ltd, Co open in Vietnam

2015: Land Acquisition of New Vietnam Factory

2010: New Global Product Launch:

220V Lighting and Renewable energy

: SA certification Shenzhen factory

: Product Launch: V product portfolio

2004: Product Launch:

HID, LED spotlight technology (North America)

2003: Product Launch:

High-frequency battery charging technology

(North America)

: ISO certification Shenzhen factory

1998: Establishes vendor-direct relations with USA Retailers

1997: Sunluxe opened its door

SunLuxe Enterprises is a global marketer and manufacturer of high-quality, innovative products that are used for renewable energy and lighting needs. We represent 21st century “one-stop shopping” for R&D, Proprietary Technology, Innovation, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing & Delivery.

We are committed to building and maintaining leading global retail, wholesale, and OEM market positions, sustaining growth in sales and profits and delivering superior returns to invest in more innovative research and design.

We reinvest the benefits of our success into the company while supporting our core values of creating simple, useful, and dependable products. The basis for that success comes from driving speed and execution in understanding what the customer desires, developing products to fulfill those desires, and delivering the product on-time.

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Ms Trang
Đồng Nai
500 - 999
100% vốn nước ngoài
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