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Việc tại nhà:
  • Ngoc Anh
  • 20 - 99 người
  • 10D Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Dakao
Liên hệ:
Ngoc Anh
Loại hình:
100% vốn nước ngoài
Quy mô:
20 - 99 người
Trụ sở:
Địa chỉ:
10D Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Dakao

Xếp hạng công ty

Xếp hạng việc làm


58,000,000 - 100,000,000 VNĐ

Thông tin tuyển dụng

Điều kiện làm việc

Mô tả công việc

    ● Hire and Lead a diverse group of incredibly smart, mission-driven SDET engineers.
    ● Manage distributed teams (US / International) to the highest production rate.
    ● Stay on the forefront of the latest technology stacks, while balancing testability, scalability and stability.
    ● Shape and nurture a culture of openness, excellence, ingenuity, and passion as company continues to scale.
    ● Assess current teams structure and advise CTO on what’s the best structure for company
    ● Along with the CTO, oversee the day-to-day management of the company platform and technology strategy focusing on QA infrastructure, automation architecture, design, testing, implementation, and maintenance efforts with a focus on optimizing for quality, predictability, performance and scalability.
    ● Maintain the QA and Automation technology roadmaps and continually assessing the build vs. buy vs. partner options.
    ● This is a player-coach role requiring deep technical expertise, as well as leadership and mentorship of the teams.
    ● Recruit, develop, and grow an incredible SDET and Automation engineering guild committed to developing innovative solutions aligned with the company’s business model, values, and vision.
    ● Work closely with CTO on the selection and interdependencies of QA and Automation frameworks and infrastructure to scale the company technology platforms.
    ● Collaborate with the Program Management group and other departments to evolve SDLC including functional requirements analysis, design specification, technical code review, project planning, quality assurance and implementation of company systems.
    ● Work directly with product management leaders to deliver on an aggressive roadmap balancing both new releases and enhancement to the existing product always factoring in quality, time and cost.
    ● Align the Software Engineering in Test and Automation department to stay ahead of the industry while continuing to distinguish company as the leader in their segment.

    ■ Qualifications:
    ● Good English
    ● 5+ years of professional experience as QA & Automation Engineer (Leader/Senior)
    ● Recent experience with mobile, consumer, or marketplace applications handling large volumes of users.
    ● Undergraduate degree in Computer Science (or similar) is required
    ● Prior experience managing geographically distributed teams is required. Working with challenges of international regions, time zones, culture, and production schedule to timeline.
    ● Experience with Agile development process.
    ● Proven record of aligning cross-functional teams around a cohesive vision.
    ● Firm grasp on the interconnected relationship between product and engineering teams with strong thoughts on how best to ensure quality while managing delivery.
    ● Personality profile to fit into a high-growth, entrepreneurial culture that requires teamwork, and significant interaction with internal and external stakeholders.
    ● Low ego, humble and roll your sleeves up approach

    ■Salary : $~$ NET

    ■Working time : Monday-Friday (Flexible)

    ■Benefits & Perks:
    - Work off on Saturday and Sunday by weekly, public holidays according to Vietnam labor Law.
    - Annual leave
    - 100% remote
    - Competitive Salary
    Token Bonus , coin for the st year
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