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**About CoderSchool**

There is a huge shortage of engineers—k in Vietnam, M regionally—CoderSchool will help to close that gap by providing highquality, scalable online education that gets people jobs and changes lives Since , CoderSchool has helped learners from all walks of life learn the top skills to launch their tech career journeys, people who were once: students, marketers, accountants, teachers, creatives, and even former tattoo artists!

We do this by weaving together an interactive curriculum, passionate educators, supportive mentors, enriching work simulations, and a dedicated career success team to deliver positive outcomes.

At CoderSchool, we operate on 4 key principles:

1. **Learners First:** We make decisions that benefit our students first.
2. **Always Learning:** We focus on getting better.
3. **WeMe:** We put we before me. We take joy in the success of others. We support and help each other.
4. **Honesty:** Be honest with yourself, and others.

We are venture-backed by Monk’s Hill Ventures, TRIVE, Iterative, XA Network, and iSeed Ventures.

To learn more about CoderSchool and to hear from our CEO and Founder, please visit: [https://youtube/msXFztZOU?t=]https://youtube/msXFztZOU?t= and [https://wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=JCrgcAgJk]https://wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=JCrgcAgJk

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  13-15 triệu VNĐ
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