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Giới thiệu

Sinka Vietnam are collect of people with enthusiasm and dedicated to producing only the highest quality of work. We embrace mastery in technology by persistence and continuous learning new things.
SINKA is the transcription of the word “進化” in Japanese, English is an “Evolution”. Based on the surrounding conditions and our own internal development, we have been making continuous efforts so that we will gradually change over time to become a high-quality outsourcing company in Vietnam over challenges. We hope that Sinka like high-speed trains on Japan’s Shinkansen to bring to customer super speed services, super bust quality, especially always super satisfy about our product.

To do that, the SINKA Teams warriors are always companion and stand side by side. Create a professional working environment so that employees can maximize their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

Help people to have motivations for keeping learning, striving to enhance their own abilities to keep up with the trends – technological trends in the world.

For a better life!

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