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  • Liên hệ: Ms. Ngọc
  • số 45 đường Võ Thị Sáu, phường Đakao, Quận 1

HR Manager Assistant thu nhập cao 20-30 triệu/ tháng

 Lương:  20,000,000 - 30,000,000VNĐ
 Thưởng:  0 VNĐ
 Bạn bè:  Hiện tại chưa có danh sách bạn chung

Thông tin việc làm

Điều kiện làm việc

  • Số lượng cần tuyển  : 1 người
  • Bằng cấp  : Đại học
  • Kinh nghiệm làm việc  : 5 - 10 năm cho vị trí tương đương
  • Giới tính  :  Nữ
  • Cấp bậc  : Trưởng Nhóm / Giám Sát

Mô tả công việc

    - Dept. Mission: Ensure efficient environment to be provided for all members in HCM office to concentrate their mission
    - Performance expected: Possible to manage the work of Admin & HR without delay with the superior instruction
    - Main tasks:
     Administration tasks
    * Flight / Hotel: Ensure all flights or hotels to be provided for all employees on business trip or for all company events needed.
    * Office: Be in charge of all issues related to office such as controlling, maintenance purchasing and decoration, etc...
    * Motorbike: Ensure motorbike tickets to be registered or canceled and manage monthly motorbike reports.
    * Assets: Control and manage all company assets such as keys, cabinets, taxi cards, time keeping cards & other assets if yes.
    * EMS: Ensure EMS on time delivery and exact due date.
    * License: Responsible for all issues regarding to licenses including but not limited to investment license, business license & other labor licenses of the company.
    * Mobile contract: Control and manage all mobile contracts for foreign workers.
    * Paperwork for foreigners: Responsible for all issues related to work permit, VISA, residence card for foreign workers.
    * Events: Be in charge of company events, including but not limited to company trip, company parties, health check, birthday...
    * Business contract: Control and manage business contract (for HRR and HRC department), including but not limited to create, adjust, revise or translate...
    * Archive: Ensure documents to be archived in hard & soft copies.
    * Other tasks assigned by Manager.
     HR tasks
    * Recruitment: Fulfill all empty vacancies in the company.
    * Contract / Decision / Announcement: Be responsible for all contracts (create, renew, revise, update, control and archive, etc...), including but not limited to labor contract, service contract, business trip, resignation letter, salary change...
    * Social Insurance: Control and manage all monthly reports.
    * Health combined Accidents Insurance: Control and manage all issues related to this kind of insurance.
    * Payroll: Ensure payroll on time delivery and exact due date.
    * Other reports: Be responsible for all reports that may concern to DOLISA or any state department.
    * Training: Ensure training to be provided and fit for current status of the company.
    * Performance appraisal: Ensure performance appraisal’ results to be provided in appropriate time.
    * HR Analysis: Be in charge of HR analytical reports (periodically or annually) including but not limited to Salary, Benefits, Seniority, Turnover, Employee Satisfaction...
    * Policies: Build up or consult to improve company policies that balance between Labor code and the company.
    * Other tasks assigned by Manager.
    * At least 5 years of experience in equivalent position
    * Good English both in verbal and written skill
    * Japanese skill is a plus
    * Good communication skill, good organization skill
    * Good Microsoft Office skill (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point)
    * Employee engagement
    * Employee relationship

Thành viên

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