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Cao Thanh Tai

  •  Sales Manager
  •  Tuổi: 38
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  • Lĩnh vực  :  Cơ khí / Ô tô / Tự động hóa
  • Lương hiện tại  :  35,000,000 VNĐ
  • Lương mong muốn  :  40,000,000 VNĐ
  • Vị trí  :  Quản Lý / Giám đốc
  • Khu vực  :  Tp. Hồ Chí Minh
  • Kinh nghiệm  :  12 năm 11 tháng

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Trình độ học vấn

 Đại học - Điện / Điện tử / Điện lạnh

Trình độ : Đại học
Ngành :  Điện / Điện tử / Điện lạnh
Năm học : 1/1999 - 9/2001
Tên trường : University of Technology

 Đại học - Biên phiên dịch

Trình độ : Đại học
Ngành :  Biên phiên dịch
Năm học : 1/1998 - 11/2001
Tên trường : Australian Metropolitan Foreign Trade Training College

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

  Từ 6/2014 đến hiện tại

Việc làm : Spare-Part Sales Manager
Tên công ty : Yanmar Agricultural Machinery Co.,Ltd
Cấp bậc : Quản lý
Lead the sales efforts to expand the market share and coverage of Yanmar machines, power engines, equipment & genuine parts to achieve the sales objectives and profitable goal. Design & implement the sales policy, sales order categories for Yanmar machines and equipment; Tractor, Combine Harvester, Small Engine, Power Tiller, Transplanter. Assist GD with pricing policy, based on competitor’s range of products, to improve the affordability and competiveness to enhance salability. Evaluate market situation and collect competitors’ information to build up the sales forecast & sales plan. Analyze sales performance data to deliver monthly sales budgets. Launch the rollout of new machines, equipment or tools into market for sales. Launch the sales promotional campaigns with Customer Service Dept to push up genuine parts sales to the retail, wholesale customers and dealers. Partner with Yanmar distributors to hold the demonstration, customer seminar, events on the new machine’s technical feature & specification. Regularly visit customers and dealers to grasp market situation to deliver the effective sales strategy on a timely manner. Plan the visit with HQ and regional sales office; Japan, China, Thailand, Korea.,etc. for customer visit in Viet Nam. Work with Customer Service Dept to investigate and resolve customer’s complaints about product & service. Work closely with HQ to promote and project Yanmar brand name and image in Viet Nam market Internally mentor and train sales representatives on sales procedure. Maintain good relationship with Yanmar Japan and other Yanmar regional sales companies in SEA like YNC, YASC, YADIN & YSP.

  Từ 10/2013 đến 12/2014

Việc làm : Kubota Viet Nam Co.,Ltd
Tên công ty : Spare-Part Manager
Cấp bậc : Quản lý
Parts Supply: To maintain the supply of KVC’s genuine spare-parts to meet the growing demands from authorized dealers for the After-Sale Service activities including maintenance, repair, ensuring that any KVC’s customer who buys our machines will be fully supplied with genuine parts for the after-sale service enhancing Kubota image here in Viet Nam.  Parts Order: Parts Purchasing: Place the parts order to the major oversea vendors like KBT, KAMS, SKC and the others according to the order schedule in a timely manner. Order Prioritization: Prioritize the order types such as MO, PO, EO., given on the demand urgency for stock, replenishment, sales or warranty to reduce to down-time of the machines.,etc. Lead-time Follow-up: Maintain the good communication with oversea vendors to follow up the lead-time on a regular basic. Inventory Control: Accurate forecasting:  Regularly analyze, forecast the parts consumption to prevent the severe shortage of critical items before the main harvesting crops throughout the year. Keep proper stock:  Maintain the optimal level of parts for fast-moving, consumable and general items in stock. Improve and increase the C.S.I (Customer Satisfaction Index) Optimize the stock:  Minimize the slow-moving, dead-stock items to reduce the inventory amount and the storage cost. Maximize the storage space: Review the stock list and propose the obsolescence for scrapping to B.O.D. Warehouse Management: Warehouse Standardization: Set up the standard spare-part warehouse according to Kubota’s requirements Operation Guideline Outline: Define, lay out, follow up and enforce the S.O.P, guidelines for the warehouse operation such as parts input/output, parts storage, parts inspection.

  Từ 1/2011 đến 10/2013

Việc làm : Spare-Part Manager
Tên công ty : General Motors Viet Nam
Cấp bậc : Quản lý
Proactively engaged in spare-part logistic operation to achieve the high service level by maintaining readiness of spare- parts in line with the Service Demand Manage & Monitor the WH operation Allocate &Process Dealers’ Part-Order to increase JIT rate Follow up & Manage Part Claims from Dealers Prioritize and Initiate Part Order to replenish the stock level, assure the service operation at HCM AS Center is not disrupted due to lack of parts. Dealer part sale & inventory control Maintain the balanced inventory consistent with the requirements     of the Service Department. Establishes the individual parts inventory level and balances them for maximum turnover. Monitors and adjusts inventory to minimize obsolescence. Ensures that all returned and warranty parts are properly tagged and recorded so that the dealerships recover full credit from the factory Analyses sales, expense, and inventory monthly to maintain profit goals Ensures that all dealership purchases are accounted for before payment is made Enforce and monitor guideline for working with customers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction Seek out new vendors, suppliers, and manufactures and negotiate terms and pricing for greater profitability.

  Từ 5/2005 đến 11/2010

Việc làm : Viet Nam Star Automobile-Mercedes Benz Dealer
Tên công ty : Spare-Parts Manager
Cấp bậc : Quản lý
In charge of all part-department activities, including hiring, training, and supervising all the employees in counter operations, parts receiving/stocking, picking-up, loading and delivery. Train all personnel in parts processing claims – shortage or overage, damaged, false, wrong quantity, and back orders. Schedule, allocate the tasks to all the members in the team, follow up and step in when needed, ensuring the tasks will be executed and finished successfully. Develop, enforce, and monitor the guidelines for the staffs to assure high customer satisfaction and service level. Perform inventory control analysis for the store’s automotive parts. Keep the stock control system updated and accurate. Run the ABC parts-analysis and statistic on a weekly or monthly basic. Monitor, track the inbound parts shipments in accordance to lead-time. Prioritize the Order between Emergency and Stock, given on the trends and customers’ needs Maintain accurate level of spare-parts in ERP, ensuring enough supply of correct parts required. Highlight the excess stock for move-out plans Actively communicate with other functional areas to ensure that the Service Operation is not disrupted due to lack of spare-parts. Analysis of parts issues negatively affecting the SOP and deliver the solutions for continuous improvements. Ensure that all the inbound/outbound parts-loads from the distributors are accurately and properly recorded. Ensure that all parts are checked physically on good quality and right quantity against PO&DO before being uploaded on the shelf. Discrepancies, if any, are to be reported to After-Sale Director and Financial Controller for adjustments. Identify the part-number by using the EPC and VeDoc online. Support the Service Advisor and Foreman to identify the correct part- number. Forecast the parts and lubricants consumption to meet the demand for Maintenance Service, Warranty and Selling as well. Keep all the parts in the warehouse in good order, right location and good condition in compliance to Daimler Chrysler’s standard, making sure that access will be easy and fast. Oversee Parts-Order setup and processing and get approval from After-Sale Director and Financial Controller before placing order. Keep the Service Advisors and Customers posted about the Estimated Arrival of Parts. Supervise the Inventory Check monthly and report directly to Financial Controller. Maintain high standards of safety and security in the warehouse.

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