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Javier Moses Juarez

  •  Javier M Juarez GL
  •  Tuổi: 38
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Thông tin chung

  • Lĩnh vực  :  Y tế / Chăm sóc sức khỏe
  • Lương hiện tại  :   200 VNĐ
  • Lương mong muốn  :  47,000 VNĐ
  • Vị trí  :  Nhân viên / Staff
  • Khu vực  :  Khác
  • Kinh nghiệm  :   Chưa có kinh nghiệm

Trình độ học vấn

 Trung học - Nhà hàng / Khách sạn

Trình độ : Trung học
Ngành :  Nhà hàng / Khách sạn
Năm học : 1/1997 - 6/2001
Tên trường : Albert Powell Highschool

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

  Từ 12/2019 đến 2/2020

Việc làm : Sandblasting, forklift
Tên công ty : Sanchez Powder Coating
Cấp bậc : Nhân viên
Clean, prepare booth for operation (sweeping, shoveling) . Organize item's requested for sandblasting (forklift, hand jack). Operate sandblaster. Complete order's/task's according to schedule (time management). Practiced maintaining quality services (correctly palletizing, cleaning)

  Từ 7/2019 đến 9/2019

Việc làm : Transfer/Rail car operator
Tên công ty : Randstad (Sunsweet Dryer's)
Cấp bậc : Nhân viên
Assist with organizing and transfering produce tray's. Loaded and unloaded all tray's promptly, maintaning production proficiency. Practiced safety procedure's (0% injury for season). Assisted with shut down and start up cleaning and preperation (checking machinery functionality, mechanical maintenances)

  Từ 10/2017 đến 5/2019

Việc làm : Line/Back Prep Cook
Tên công ty : El Pollo Loco
Cấp bậc : Nhân viên
Responsiblitie's included, insuring all sanitation and cooking procedure's were implemented correctly. Communicating between crew member's and customer's (interpersonal skill's, customer service, time management, multitasking). Resteraunt station, utensil's, and paticular item's (according to task) sanitation (dishwashing). Cooking (able to operate every staion competently without assistance) food handler's certification.

  Từ 10/2018 đến 1/2019

Việc làm : Customer service
Tên công ty : Premiere Connections
Cấp bậc : Nhân viên
Product demonstration responsibilities consisted of reviewing event information beforehand for customer assistance and presentation purposes. Organize kart, stock product for display, assemble staion, greet and offer customer's sample's. Practice food safety accordingly. Clean up and sanitize station utinsil's. Report all customer feedback and stock information.

  Từ 6/2004 đến 10/2007

Việc làm : Operator Training/Laminator Assistant
Tên công ty : Deluxe Packages
Cấp bậc : Nhân viên
Assisted with extrusion and lamination mechinery function's/operation's (taped idler's, adjusted oven temp, prepared adhesive and graveer according to job specifications). Performed regularly small mechanical maintenance's (sandblasting, ethenol cleaning, idler lubrication, forklift tank exchange). Shipping and recieving (insured correct material usage according to order number, logged percentage's and amounts of waste, transfered, palletized stock and adhesive container's). Experience using hand tool's (hand jack, drill's, saw's, lift's, forklift safety traini and operation certification. Communication and individual machine operation.

  Từ 10/2001 đến 6/2004

Việc làm : Powder Coating
Tên công ty : Gate Frame Industrie's
Cấp bậc : Nhân viên
Supervised second shift operation's (less 1 month). Maintained a clean area before, in between and after every work day. Provided consistant quality service's (correct powder, booth cleanliness/contamination, line adjustment, hopper maintenance's). Shipping and recieving (palletizing, shrink wrap, assembled part's and order's accordingly, operated forklift). Able and experience working extreme eviornment's (when powder coating, tyvek suit is necessary, while oven's, both drying and finishing product, operating, during summer consistantly standing for long period's of time).

  Từ 12/2010 đến 12/2018

Việc làm : Landscaping/Property Management
Tên công ty : Dubious Property Management/Self Employed
Cấp bậc : Nhân viên
Business Property management assistance (furniture assembly/relocation basic carpentry (replaced door's, carpet, adjusted and built cabinet's, precise measurement, assembled and replaced window luxurie's) waste disposal, general labor's (lifting 75+ lbs, use of hand tool's electric/manual, cleaning, replacing and optimizing building indoor lighting). Residential Property Maintenance's/Landscaping seasonal dutie's required, operating general lawn care equipment (gas powered/electric). Physicality (75+lbs). Installing/replacing/assembled mechanical and organic rain lawn insert's (sprinkler head's/piping/fixtures)

Trình độ ngoại ngữ

 Tiếng T.B Nha  :  Sơ cấp

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