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Hình ảnh hồ sơ Nguyễn Hoàng Minh

Nguyễn Hoàng Minh

  •  Chief Accountant, Finance Manager, Chief Finance Officer
  •  Tuổi: 39
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Thông tin chung

  • Lĩnh vực  :  Bán hàng / Kinh doanh
  • Lương hiện tại  :   40,000,000 VNĐ
  • Lương mong muốn  :  30,000,000 VNĐ
  • Vị trí  :  Quản Lý / Giám đốc
  • Khu vực  :  Tp. Hồ Chí Minh
  • Kinh nghiệm  :   7 năm 10 tháng

Trình độ học vấn

 Đại học - Kế toán / Kiểm toán

Trình độ : Đại học
Ngành :  Kế toán / Kiểm toán
Năm học : 8/2002 - 8/2007
Tên trường : Cửu Long

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

  Từ 11/2011 đến 5/2018

Việc làm : Chief accountant
Tên công ty : Central Groups Việt Nam
Cấp bậc : Quản lý

1. Finance Leader cum Chief Accountant groups of company of Central Corporation.

- Consulting software applications SAP into accounting management.

- Oversee and manage procedures to caculate accurately product costs are associated with the productions like processed food,  produce spaghetti bakery…

- Monitoring compliance with regulations on accounting documents, accounting operations, compliance with the payment process, controlling payment vouchers. The accounting documents are stored according to regulations.

 - Perform complete information, timely issues arise, arise during the job done.

- Strictly comply with the provisions of the tax declaration, the implementation of regulations on invoices.

- Checking whether the VAT is deducted every month and the settlement ensures accuracy and does not cause loss to the company.

- On behalf of the company working with the tax authorities about the frequent problems arise.

- Completion of procedures for tax refund, examination and inspection periodic tax

- Do financial statement.

- With auditor complete all stages of audit work.

- Make statistical reports to government agency.

- Conduct training sessions to subordinates to improve their accuracy, efficiency and effectively in their work.

- Implementation using E-invoice

- Review old accounting book.

- Budget, forecast, and help oversee current and future investments and capital structures.

- Contact the bank about all issues related to deposit, payment and borrowing.

- Review and approve all payment order as the first Level.

2. cum Chief accountant Recess Logistics and Retail CO., Ltd (Robin Fashion, Zalora):

- Work with creative team in designing e-commerce website with visual images and in line with company branding.

- Work with internal customers and IT team to developing e-commerce website.

- Be responsible for the entire e-commerce budge, business result with managing Finance reports including forecasts, tracking all costs and revenue associated with website.

- Supervise and ensure the efficiency of logistics process in coordination with the related team.

- Participate in setting up the sales plan in collaboration with the customers.

- Manage e-wallet account activity by working with third party vendor to pull appropriate reports to properly track account details: Napas, Payoo, momo…by working with many service providers for new payment platform and payment gateway.

- Monitor and supporting customers for payments online, digital payment.

- Follow the sales process and procedure as established through the customer database.

- Understand demand from Finance, decide and align user stories, build feature roadmaps and specify tasks necessary for financial reconciliation.

- Contact with the bank for the installation POS machines at checkout counters in shops, supermarkets, and commercial Dept.

- Participate in implementing related SAP systems:

+ Support users to use SAP system, …




  Từ 6/2018 đến 9/2019

Việc làm : Finance Manager cum Chief Accountant
Tên công ty : FIT Groups
Cấp bậc : Giám đốc

Finance Manager cum Chief Accountant (Included 1 manufacturing companies and 2 trading companies)

- To be in charge of a wide range of Accounting, Finance, and Taxation duties

- Meets accounting financial objectives by forecasting requirements; preparing budget (VAS, Internal);

- Management and set up procedures to help with cost decisions on production, calculating cost of goods sold of the manufacture company in Long An province products relating to Home care, Health care and oral care with Brands are Tero, Rocket, Dr. Kool …

- Responsible for development and maintenance of monthly variance and expense analysis based on current trends and sound business assumptions. Investigates complex questions concerning this analysis and provides additional data to BOD, and other dept;

- Finance (Capital/Loan) control, cash flow and Debt management;

- Review the daily transactions and the details of all accounts to ensure that they are compliance with the accounting standards;

- Ensure completion of all accounting entries related to closure of books;

- Monthly/Quarterly/Mid-term/Annual financial closing reports;

- Participate in implementing related ERP systems:

+ Support users to use ERP system, + Handling error issues arising during use + Receive requests for changes from departments and propose solutions + Receive acceptance results and put them into use.

+ Updating related documents and training users. + Develop the system in the direction of matching production requirements.

- Manage the Company’s financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems in compliant with all relevant Vietnam regulations as well as company accounting policies.

- Working with the Taxation Dept, Statistics Dept, banks, auditors and other Vietnamese government authorities for all works relating to accounting and finance of the company.

- Other tasks assigned by BOD include cash management, collections of accounts, In-charge of stock function, including stock take coordination, stock adjustments, stock write off and inventory reconciliation between General Ledger and Stock Ledger, pricings, contribution margins, inter- company transactions and pricing, group reporting for consolidation purposes as required, FOREX regulations, internal loans approval and registrations, and other related matters.

- KPI for staff development and training and assessment.

- Guide other departments by researching and interpreting accounting policy; applying observations and recommendations to operational issues.




Trình độ ngoại ngữ

 Tiếng Anh  :  Cao cấp

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