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Hình ảnh hồ sơ Nguyễn Thanh Phong

Nguyễn Thanh Phong

  •  Executive Assistant to President cum CEO
  •  Tuổi: 25
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Thông tin chung

  • Lĩnh vực  :  Hành chính / Thư ký
  • Lương hiện tại  :   21,000,000 VNĐ
  • Lương mong muốn  :  25,000,000 VNĐ
  • Vị trí  :  Trưởng Nhóm / Giám Sát
  • Khu vực  :  Tp. Hồ Chí Minh, Đồng Nai
  • Kinh nghiệm  :   4 năm 2 tháng

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Trình độ học vấn

 Trên đại học - Sản xuất / Vận hành sản xuất

Trình độ : Trên đại học
Ngành :  Sản xuất / Vận hành sản xuất
Năm học : 6/2018 - 12/2019
Tên trường : Ho Chi Minh City University Of Technology (Dai Hoc Bach Khoa HCM)

Kinh nghiệm làm việc

  Từ 8/2019 đến 1/2020

Việc làm : Executive Assistant to CEO
Tên công ty : NUI THANH CO., LTD
Cấp bậc : Trưởng nhóm/Giám sát

Scope of work: Factory, Supply Chain, Project - Design, Recruiting, Administration.



  • Assist to close the deal of ~1 million USD from a Thailand customer.
  • Make the deal of ~160.000.000 VND from a French customer.
  • Check, supplement CO, CQ, P/L, invoice,… for material acceptant of  
  • 2 projects from Thailand, Japan (total value of ~1.5 million USD).
  • Sourcing, select material in Chinese which saves half of its cost.
  • Sourcing, select a buyer of scrap giving the best price and policy.
  • Make a program to control the production progress.
  • Aggregate, integrate all documents in terms of ISO 9001.
  • Propose and implement Kaizen, 5S in production and warehouse.
  • Recruit 2 seniors (31-year-of-experience candidate and 21-year-of-experience) in a remote area in 2.5 months; and 7 junior designers in 1 month --- Target met.
  • Deal with the government regarding firefighting paper issues.
  • Improve labor safety issues (culture).
  • Establish a co-operation relation with college (Germany and France ODA funding - LILAMA II) in order to recruit employees.


Main duties

  • Coordinate, monitor, verify and follow project works/ instruction/ assignments/ documents instructed by CEO.
  • Coordinate, monitor respective departments upon CEO request.
  • Provide supports to CEO regarding the day-to-day operation management of the company: Factory, Supply Chain, Project – Design, Recruiting, Administration.
  • Track purchase order, production order, …
  • Sourcing and work with suppliers, check CO/ CQ, P/L, invoice, …
  • Consult CEO about LEAN, Kaizen, System, Process, ISO, Policy, ...
  • Maintain, organize data.
  • Compose, check documents to be signed by CEO.
  • Provide translation and interpreter for assigned meetings.
  • Prepare, organize the internal and external meeting presentations.



  Từ 6/2017 đến 4/2019

Tên công ty : BT International Group
Cấp bậc : Trưởng nhóm/Giám sát

Scope of work: Factory, Supply Chain, Project - Design, Recruiting, Administration.



- Assist factory director in supervising and monitoring the operations at factory in Dong Nai.

- Supervise, press management to complete work on schedule.

- Maintain an aggregate report (MIS report) by coordinating with related departments regarding issues of Salary, Material Consumption, Electricity & Utility Consumption, Packing Material Consumption, Production, Quality.

- Coordinate with teams i.e Design team, CNC team, Welding team, Finishing team, QA/QC team, Purchasing team and Warehouse team to ensure production targets of the factory (cost, quality, time).

- Conduct LEAN projects to enhance productivity, eliminate waste that does not generate value, i.e. 5S, Kaizen, Visual Management, …

- Maintain a good working condition (5S, safety, firefighting).

- Consult plant director about processes, employee behaviors, culture, general labor laws, …

- Assist the production manager to propose 3 new layouts to reduce material flow at factory.

- Organize, ensure the successful ERP - SAP training for the factory by India company.



- Assign jobs and control schedules of projects at design dep’t (+180 projects with +750 tasks).

- Attending meetings with customers/ operators/ other contractors at sites and following up their requirements/ minutes of meetings.

- Coordinate with the design department, sales department, project department, factory to ensure milestones of projects required by stakeholders.



- Assist SC manager to control the schedule status of purchasing, logistics for the purpose of ensuring delivery time to customers, prevent loosing hundreds of million dong (2017).




** Reason to leave: I resigned as I made a trade-off of spending 2-3 months on completing my master thesis, and preparing for the International Conference on Logistics and Industrial Engineering.


  Từ 8/2015 đến 5/2017

Việc làm : PROJECT JOB
Cấp bậc : Sinh viên/Thực tập sinh
  1. Facility Layout and Location Design

Result: Reduce the moving distance respectively: 14.33%, 46.72%, 30.3% using Craft, Aldep, Corelap.

  1. Systems Engineering

Result: Design a system of producing and distributing bamboo sheets and bamboo floors.

3.  Design and Measurement of Work - Team Leader

Result: Increasing 11% in efficiency (from 58% to 69%).

4.  Modeling and Simulation                - Team Leader

Result: Build and test a simulation model for one production line of CADIVI.

5.  Industrial Project Management     - Team Leader

Result: Define, analyze, design, evaluate (demand, location, human resource, machine, finance, environment, cash flow, schedule, risk) the project of paper packing company.

**Reason to leave:  Projects ended.



Trình độ ngoại ngữ

 Tiếng Anh  :  Cao cấp

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